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November 01 09:58 AM
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Four arrests made in connection with stolen farm equipment

On October 21, the Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau (MALTB), the law enforcement division of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, arrested three individuals for nine counts of grand larceny, in conjunction with the Holmes County Sheriff's Department....subscribers»

Lexington Homes named Manufacturer of the Year

Lexington Homes, Inc. was recently named '2014 Manufacturer of the Year'...subscribers»

Durant Octoberfest held on October 25

A large Octoberfest crowd awaited the appearance of the noontime parade ...subscribers»


Team HOYAS will be hosting a revival entitled Family Values...subscribers»
Thursday, October 30, 2014 Vol. 56 - Num. 44
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November 1st
in history
1869: Louis Riel seizes Fort Garry, Winnipeg, during the Red River Rebellion.
1911: Italian planes perform the first aerial bombing on Tanguira oasis in Libya.
1923: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company buys the rights to manufacture Zeppelin dirigibles. The innovative J.V. Martin Kitten.
1924: Legendary Oklahoma marshal Bill Tilghman, 71, is gunned down by a drunk in Cromwell, Oklahoma.Of Bison and Men
1936: Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini announces the Rome-Berlin axis after Count Ciano's visit to Germany.Italy's Breda Ba.65.