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Hugh Carl McLellan of Durant, MS was born on October 30, 1932, the son of the late Hugh McLellan and Claudia Bailey McLellan in Bowling Green, Mississippi with his late siblings Mary Elizabeth and Claude William. He is survived by his wife, Rachel Mildred Clement McLellan and son Hugh “Carl” McLellan, Jr. of Chesapeake, Virginia.
Hugh Carl McLellan graduated from Durant High School, Class of 1950, and continued his education in Jackson at Millsaps college where he majored in Economics. After graduating Millsaps in 1954, he joined the Army. In 1956 Hugh Carl married Rachel Mildred Clement from Blackhawk, Mississippi at the Blackhawk United Methodist Church and opened Hugh Carl’s Men’s Clothing Store on Durant’s main street which he and Mildred owned until 1977. Hugh Carl started building houses around the area but in 1970 opened Hugh Carl’s Mobile Homes. Upon closing his mobile home sales lot, he opened Hugh Carl’s Mobile Home Parts where he and Mildred worked without retiring until his passing at 87 years old.
Hugh Carl was also a layman and evangelist for the Methodist Church, traveling around the world sharing the love of Jesus in countries like the Philippines, India, Nepal, Russia, many African and South American countries and Mexico. He was a layman for the Methodist church and went around the state of Mississippi plus a few other states doing weekend evangelistic meetings known as Lay Witness Missions. Hugh Carl’s life was dedicated to evangelizing the world for the Gospel of Christ. Until his death on  Tuesday, December 31, 2019, he, at 87, was actively teaching Sunday School at Durant’s Immanuel Church of God most Sundays until he began having major health issues, which finally led to his death at Baptist Medical Center, Critical Care ICU.


  1. Janice Terry Mosley on January 17, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    My family loved Hugh Carl. Especially, my mother, Cornelia Gunter Terry, looked up to him as a great man of God

    • Charles Kealhofer on April 12, 2020 at 7:10 pm

      Would love to make contact with Janice.

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